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gooner4everr asked: AAAAAHH hege OMG that's so embarrassing. But if rvp moved to my neighbourhood I would've given him a 10 minute rant on how utterly disrespectful to wenger he was and what a cuntface he is. URGH. Anyways back to the point, that was an amazing chapter!! And I loved how you described Ann Katherine as a toothpick ;)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! I’m honestly so happy you like it! I love it when I get reviews or general comment it makes it easier to formulate another chapter since I know that someone likes it! I hope I’m being a bit better with the flow of the dialog and so forth!

I hope I can get the third chapter done soon!!!

But I’m starting school today!!


Sunday Aug 18 4pm  


little-summer asked: I love you okay. That new chapter is fantastic!! I'm Daisy :D

oh thank you so much!!!! 

i´m sorry i´ll write a nicer reply later i´m a bit angry right now

thank you daisy! xxx

Sunday Aug 18 1am  


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davidluizplease asked: "Low hemmed pants that made him look like he had shat himself" hahaha that made me laugh! I enjoyed reading the first two chapters. In the future, don't be so unconfident about your work! I love those two chapters and you certainly don't lack in imagination :)) xx

Thank you thank you so much that means so much, I honestly thought this chapter was shit!

Thank you Hannah :) xxxx

Saturday Aug 17 7am  


Chapter two - Traitorous Attraction

I´m so so so sorry but this is the worst chapter ever. My first mentions of Ali´s Marco Reus fanfiction is in this chapter! If you haven´t checked her fic out yet i suggest you do, but who am i kidding everyone knows her!!!!!!


Maxvorstadt – Munich, Germany


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anouncment time kidos!

i´m quiting after this batch of requests, i´ve just got no imagination at all so i´m so so so sorry, if anyone is interested in helping me beta or anything i´d be forever in your debt!

god..well this is depressing  

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Is it okay if I write under my normal 3000 word limit?

I just can’t get enough inspiration :/

The following one shots that I have to write are all going to be under 1500 I thinks! If not that they’ll be under 1000 :/

I’m so sorry :(



Thursday Aug 15 2am  


Anonymous asked: Could you do a matija nastasic fan fiction, like a story with chapters in and stuff? love your stories, your very good at writing! Sorry to be a bother, if you could do one it would be great!:)

umm i don´t know i´ll have to see if i have time. 

i´ll try my best but i want to finish my current fanfic which as it looks like i´ll be taking forever to finish :( 

i´ll put you on my to do list for now but i can´t promise a start ASAP. 

i might do a 500 word limit for each chapter of about 12 and do it a month at a time in the stories time period :)) 


Tuesday Aug 13 6am  


Anonymous asked: no problem its my pleasure-xoxo_MINA

:))) thank you yet again 


Tuesday Aug 13 6am  

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